Gold Drums set with 7 Drums with a Chair

Gold Drums set with 7 Drums with a Chair
Gold Drums set with 7 Drums with a Chair
Gold Drums set with 7 Drums with a Chair


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Gold Drums set with 7 Drums with a Chair


Children's drums are a great gift idea for a child who shows interest in music from an early age. Own drums will allow you to develop your child's talent, as well as his sense of rhythm and motor coordination. The presence of music in a toddler's life will have a very positive impact on his further development, so there are no contraindications to choose this subject.


The drum kit consists of:

- 2 plates,

- a large bass drum with a foot,

- six drums

- stool,

- chopsticks.


The percussion has been designed with the youngest users in mind, so its dimensions and weight have been adapted to children aged 5 and over. The instrument is characterized by the perfect reproduction of the real instrument, as well as the impressive size of the unfolded toy. The eye-catching golden color of the drums perfectly contrasts with the shiny silver finish. The sticks and stools included in the set make a great set. The drums will surely be a lot of fun for all children. It will enable them to use their excess energy in a very sensible way, which may turn into a hobby in the future. The multitude and variety of elements of the set will give the young drummer a wide range of possibilities.


The design of the children's drums is refined down to the smallest detail - the workmanship also leaves nothing to be desired. For the production of drums, certified and safe materials have been used, which will make the instrument will be used by a child for a long time. The toy is intended for all toddlers over 5 years of age - to be able to use the stool comfortably, the child's weight must not exceed 48 kg. The drums are CE certified, a suitcase-type box is packed, making it a great gift for every kid who loves music.


Dimensions of the individual components of the instrument:

- large drum: diameter 30 cm

- medium drum: diameter 19 cm

- small drum: diameter 15 cm


Packaging dimensions of children's drums:

- 60 cm x 40 cm x 24 cm.


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