HUINA 1:14 R/C rechargeable Excavator with movable Arm 2.4GHz

HUINA 1:14 R/C rechargeable Excavator with movable Arm 2.4GHz
HUINA 1:14 R/C rechargeable Excavator with movable Arm 2.4GHz



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R/C Excavator Radio Control movable Arm 2.4GHz

The yellow and black excavator has many advantages. The remotely controlled vehicle has a structure characteristic of massive construction vehicles, as well as a classic color scheme - the yellow body is combined with numerous details in a contrasting black color. The car is mounted on rubber tracks, which are fantastic on various surfaces - not only completely smooth ones. A children's excavator consists of an operator's cabin and a movable arm with a metal bucket at the end. The construction of the vehicle took into account all the details of full-size vehicles known from construction sites - you can see protective barriers or an exhaust pipe in it.

The yellow, remote-controlled excavator for children is operated with the included 2.4G remote control. Its functions will satisfy any operator: the excavator can drive forward / backward, right/left, and it can raise its picking arm for materials such as sand or gravel.

Remote control functions: Active Two joysticks which we use to move forwards and backwards as well as right and left. To drive the machine forward, hold both joysticks up together. If we want to move backwards, we move them down. Using them one at a time, the excavator makes left and right turns. Another option that we can use with the remote control is raising and lowering the arm and controlling the bucket itself. From the top, on the remote control there are two buttons responsible for rotating the cabin by 360 degrees. An additional advantage is the button that activates sounds and lights in the cabin.

For the production of the children's excavator, the highest quality certified material was used, which is plastic in combination with metal. This guarantees both the safety and comfort of use as well as the reliability of the vehicle. To be able to use all the functions of the remote-controlled toy, you need to put 2 "AA" batteries in the remote control (not included) and install the supplied batteries in the excavator. A toy excavator for children is packed in a cardboard box with a transparent glass-case. It is a good gift idea for every boy who loves construction vehicles and is 8 years of age or older. The toy has a CE certificate and its production complies with EN 71.

Dimensions of the set elements:

excavator: 47 cm x 29 cm

Size of the package:

- 50 cm x 28 cm x 19 cm

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