Multifunctional interactive table toy for toddlers

Multifunctional interactive table toy for toddlers
Multifunctional interactive table toy for toddlers




Educational Table Slide For Balls Piano Bin Toothed Wheels
An interactive toy with many activities is not only an idea for a very interesting play, but also an original way to improve the proper development of the toddler. The table combines two toys, an educational panel and a ball slide. The eye-pleasing colours will be perfect for both boys and girls.
The elements that can be pressed are sure to interest every child, while teaching them how to use their hands to touch what their eyes can see. In addition, the elements will teach your child how to grasp and recognise sounds. The childlike, functional design of the toy will make this element a decoration of each toddler's room. The child will then get to know the surrounding world, developing its motor and manual skills, hearing and the ability to understand the world, shapes and colours. It will also be a great help in the proper development of the toddler.
What is hidden in this interactive desktop?
- multicoloured piano in the shape of a toucan to play a solmization range, which is helpful in learning sounds, consisting of colourful keys
- colourful table legs
- three interlocking gears
- colourful geometric shapes and their frames on strings, which can be fitted together and pressed into place
- colourful beads to move
-a basket and balls
- a movable spinning rattle
- a telephone with numbers
- fruit that can be moved in a zigzag pattern
In addition, a ball slide can be attached to the table.
What is the game all about?
You have to put the balls into the hole in the first platform and then let them freely climb up and down. The balls fall out through the holes located in each level. The toy is sure to interest every toddler, thanks to which they will enjoy watching the rolling balls. The colourful balls will also serve to practice catching skills, as well as developing coordination and muscle strength.
Dimensions of the panel itself:
40 cm x 44 cm
Height of the table:
32 cm
Dimensions of the whole toy:
40 cm x 44 cm x 45 cm
Dimensions of packaging:
53 cm x 42 cm x 16 cm
The pushchair is designed for children over 18 months. The toy is packed in a large colourful box, making it a perfect gift for new parents

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