Range Rover style Large 1:10 scale Rechargeable R/C Sports car

Range Rover style Large 1:10 scale Rechargeable R/C  Sports car
Range Rover style Large 1:10 scale Rechargeable R/C  Sports car



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Sports remote-controlled car White

Remote-controlled car with colorful, sporty graphics. The presented model is made in 1:10 scale, thanks to which it looks incredibly real. A car straight from the racetrack will make the dream of every young rider come true. The R / C remote-controlled racing vehicle will help the child to develop skills such as driving a toy car, as well as to strengthen concentration and develop manual skills, agility and cunning.

The streamlined and light construction of the toy, as well as the possibility of remote control are only a few of the product's advantages. The car is made of PVC, which is resistant to low temperature, deformation, bumps, and explosions. Soft, rubber wheels of the vehicle guarantee high adhesion of the car to various surfaces. Product features allow for great fun combined with healthy competition. From now on, the child does not have to play alone - the pilot allows you to maneuver the car in every direction, so it can be a great basis for playing car races with friends and colleagues.

The remote control attached to the racing kit receives on the 2.4G frequency, which reduces any interference during the game. It is equipped with a knob and a button, responsible for front-back and right-left control. The white casing of a sports car consists of many graphic stickers, which only increases the level of the realistic representation of the toy.

To enable your child to have fun with playing, the remote control should be equipped with 2x AA 1.5 V batteries. To start the car, you need the batteries that were included in the set.

The car is intended for children over 14 years of age.

Dimensions of the set elements:

- car: 44 cm x 19 cm x 15 cm,

Size of the package:
-55 cm x 24 cm x 20 cm

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