Kids Wooden Football table 62cm high

Kids Wooden Football table 62cm high
Kids Wooden Football table 62cm high



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This Wooden Football Game Table will make an exciting addition to your home. At a height of 62cm, it is perfect for children and adults alike, with a recommended playing age of 6+. The table as a whole measures 69 cm x 36.5 cm - an ideal size to maximise enjoyment of the game whilst still being able to fit comfortably in your chosen room.

The table features your standard green football pitch and markings, with twenty-two players kitted out in red and yellow. Score counters at either end will help you keep track of victories and losses, whilst the handy knobs are designed for comfort and long-play support. We also include two scaled-down footballs to keep the fun rolling.

An attractive and robust wooden frame ensures that the pitch stands secure, designed for long-term endurance. The table is built from fully certified materials, compliant with the valid EN71 standard. It also comes fully packaged in a cardboard storage box, for ease of delivery and gifting.


Play a truly exciting match! Become a football champion!


The set includes:

- football pitch,

- 2 goalkeepers,

- 20 players,

- 2 balls.


Table dimensions:

69 cm x 36,5 cm

height 62 cm


Dimensions of the game package:

70 cm x 36 cm x 8 cm




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