XL Mercedes G63 6 wheeler 3 SEATER ride on car - White

XL Mercedes G63 6 wheeler 3 SEATER ride on car - White
XL Mercedes G63 6 wheeler 3 SEATER ride on car - White




This XL Mercedes G Wagon G63 6x6 Parent and child ride-on car in white is a great choice for your little one and for yourself to join them on! The front 2 seats are ideal for 2 children up to 6 years olds, with an extra seat on the back for an small adult/teenager, with a maximum load of around 100 kg recommended.

Take to the road (or your garden more likely!) in style with three speed modes. Easily switch between slow, normal and fast, while the gearbox allows you to seamlessly switch between forward and backward. It comes with working lights, an MP3 music player and a comfortable leather seat.

You can expect up to an hour of use on your ride-on before it needs recharging, and the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of between 3 and 7 kilometres per hour. Shop with Ride On Carz 4 Kidz today to get a free personalised number plate sticker with your order.


  • MOTORS: 6x45W (6WD)
  • BATTERY: 1x12V14Ah 
  • GEARBOX: 2 Gears (forward/backward), 3 Speed Modes (slow, normal, fast)
  • DIMENSIONS: 150cm(L) x 85cm(W) x 72cm(H) (BUILT)
  • DIMENSIONS: 152cm (L) x 77cm(W) x 52cm(H) (BOXED)
  • MAX SPEED: 3-7km/h
  • BOX WEIGHT: 46kg
  • MAX LOAD: 100kg
  • CHARGING TIME: 8 hours
  • USAGE DURATION: up to 1 hour
  • BRAKE: Emergency brake from R/C


  • DOORS : Yes
  • KEYS: No
  • SEAT: Leather Seat
  • WHEELS: Eva Rubber
  • REMOTE CONTROL: 2.4G Bluetooth , 3 Speed Selection (slow, normal, fast)
  • LIGHTS: Headlights, Taillights
  • AUDIO: MP3 music player, AUX, Display,USB, SD Card

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