Where can I buy ride on cars for children?

A fantastic choice for ride on cars is Ride On Carz 4 Kidz, with everything from single-seat designs and multi-passenger kids vehicles, to buggies, jeeps and colourful push along cars for younger children.

Can you buy children’s ride-on tractors?

Ride-on tractors from our range include the XMX 12V design with a large carry trailer, and 24v high roof tractor in a range of colours. Personalised custom plates can even be added with your child’s name - free of charge.

Are there different makes of childrens cars?

There are plenty of makes within the online catalogue, including trusted luxury vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes,Lamborghini and Land Rover. Designs are based on the full-sized equivalents, so your little ones can feel like a real driver.

Is it safe to buy children electric cars?

As long as guidelines set out within the instruction manual are followed, and the children using each electric vehicle are an appropriate age as specified, it should be completely safe for your child to use such a vehicle while supervised.

Where can I buy a ride on range rover?

Miniature Range Rovers can be acquired from the Ride On Carz 4 Kidz online catalogue, with options including the Licensed Range Rover 12v Evoque and 2 seater HSE 24v 4wd Mp4. Each children’s vehicle is a scaled-down version of the real thing!

Where can I buy a spare battery for my Mercedes ride on car?

As well as a diverse selection of ride on cars and electric children’s vehicles, we supply accessories and toys available for order. This includes spare batteries for Mercedes ride on cars, found within the product collection, or by enquiring directly.

Are 24v ride on cars suitable for young children?

When supervised and within a safe environment under specified safety instructions, 24v electric cars should be completely fine for children to use. Many of our models even include additional seating for an extra little passenger.

What are ride on bikes?

Ride on bikes are similar to electric ride on automobiles in that they come in the form of miniature child-friendly vehicles. Browse our collection for everything from trucks and waltzers to ride on bikes and tractors.

What is the difference between a 12v and 24v ride on car?

The difference between 12v and 24v ride on cars is the power output, with 2 seater 24v cars offering increased torque with 4 motors. Whatever you require, Ride On Carz 4 Kids maintain everything from toys and pools to tractors and trailers!

Can you buy a ride on police bike for kids?

Ride on police bikes are just one fun vehicle we stock, alongside an array of other bikes, cars and toys within our extensive online catalogue. If your little one is particularly fascinated with police or the flashing lights of emergency vehicles, this is a great investment.

Where can I buy garden pools?

Affordably priced and spacious enough for multiple children, the range of garden pools, smaller paddling pools and inflatables from our collection are ideal for a hot day in the sun. Assorted toys and accessories are also a fantastic option.

Are inflatable swimming pools safe for toddlers?

All pools we stock are safety-approved and designed with younger children in mind, so there is never any risk of allowing your children to play while supervised. Read through the instruction manuals for specifics, and have a fantastic time in the sun!

Where can I buy garden slides for young children?

Slides are a playground classic - so why not acquire your very own, and set it up in the garden space for endless fun. Our smaller plastic slides are ideal for younger children, while there are longer play area slides for older children if necessary.

Do Ride On Carz 4 Kidz stock garden swing sets?

Ride On Carz 4 Kidz supply garden swing sets for the home which are easily set up, sturdy and durable as well as long-lasting for repeated family use. Acquired individually or as part of a playground set, browse our collection today.

Where can I buy a ride on car charger?

Charging your ride on car is as easy as using the included charger, however if this has been broken or misplaced, we stock replacement consoles online. Affordable and with quick delivery, get your little one back on the imaginary roads in no time!

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