Garden Swing Set Or Tricycle? Toys Your Little One Will Love

Garden Swing Set Or Tricycle? Toys Your Little One Will Love

Play is essential for your child’s development, where you can improve their social skills and boost their confidence by gifting them a toy that they really love. The right toy can keep your little one entertained for hours, where they can return to it in all weathers, potentially over the course of months and years.

In order to get them something they’ll want to play with consistently, it is important to think carefully about your toy-buying, where you can weigh up your child’s interests and needs as well as your own budget requirements. A great gift needs to have longevity, where you don’t want your purchase to be discarded or forgotten after only a couple of uses.

Read on for a comprehensive gift buying guide to get your kid the toy that they really want, with a look at practical purchasing points to consider and a range of toy options you can choose from.

Thoughtful Gift Buying

When considering what toy to purchase you may wish to think about your child’s interests as well as budget and space restrictions within your home. Some practical points to consider may include:

Toy Longevity

When investing in a toy for your child you may want to consider what kind of gift will provide longevity and durability, in that it won’t break down after a couple of uses, or that your child won’t grow out of it after a few months.

Your Child’s Interests

You know your little one best, and therefore you can consider their specific interests and personality when it comes to choosing a toy that they will really appreciate. Whether they prefer an action-fuelled interactive toy or a problem solving individual puzzle, there’s a perfect option out there for every child.

Space Restrictions

Children’s toys can be chosen to appeal to your specific space requirements, where you may wish to consider if you have the garden or outdoor capacity to support a large play set, or if a more compact toy would be more suitable.


Ultimately when it comes to choosing a gift for your child, thoughtful purchasing can go a lot further than a large unfocussed budget. Bigger isn’t always better after all, and there are many toys to choose from to suit your financial limitations.


You may also wish to think about how transportable your toy is, where you may want a gift that is easy to take with you in the car or store in your garage space. Some items also work well as indoor or outdoor toys, giving you a broad range of options for different weather conditions.

Children’s Toys: A Guide To Your Options

When shopping for children’s toys, you may feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of options available to you. In order to simplify your decision making process, this list specifically focuses on outdoor toys and playsets, some of which can also be brought indoors during rainy weather.

Garden Swing Sets & Slides

A staple of childhood entertainment, swing sets and slides are a great option for adding a sense of fun to your garden space. These come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to suit your outdoor area, where sets can be permanently fixed or portable. A rope swing or homemade tree swing are also more rustic options that can be added to your garden at a low cost.

Cars, Bikes & Tricycles

Toy cars are an exciting option for young children, where these come in a range of models, including battery or pedal operated varieties. Bikes, tricycles and scooters also provide a fun and active option for larger garden spaces or for use away from the home. Vehicular toys can be purchased according to your child’s mobility level and physical ability, whilst skates and rollerblades make for an exciting high-energy toy option for older children.

Remote Controlled Toys

A fun option for indoor and outdoor play, remote controlled toys are guaranteed to provide endless opportunities for imaginative recreation. These come in a virtually endless variety of shapes and sizes, appealing to any interests your child may have. Remote toys are also easy to store and box up when not in use.

Weather Dependent Toys

If you’re looking to add some interest to your outdoor space during the hot summer months, then you may wish to invest in a selection of weather dependent toys and games. These can include paddling pools, where larger varieties can include slides, or more portable toys such as water pistols. Trampolines can also keep your child entertained for hours on sunny days, where these come in a variety of sizes to suit your space.

Games & Sports

When shopping for kids' toys, it can be useful to remember that the simplest playthings are often still the best. A football, frisbee or tennis racket can go a long way to entertain your child, whilst investments such as swingball sets and ping pong tables are great for larger garden spaces.

Toys For Learning & Development

Not every toy purchase has to be education-focussed, but some gifts can have developmental benefits whilst also supplying lots of fun. Jungle gyms or sports equipment can boost physical mobility, whilst play sets and team games can help to support cognitive development and communication skills.

All-Weather Toys

Warm and dry outdoor weather conditions can never be fully guaranteed, even in the summer months, so a versatile toy that can also be used indoors provides a practical choice. Oversized board games or puzzles are completely portable and can easily be set up in the garden or the living room. Investing in wet-weather activities with reusable arts and crafts supplies is also an easy way to ensure your kids are kept entertained.

Benefits Of Imaginative Play

Investing in a toy that your child will love and revisit over time is a great way to support their cognitive and motor skills through imaginative play. This kind of activity entertains your child whilst also supporting their growth, essential for meeting developmental milestones. Some key benefits of play that a new toy can bring may include:

Increased Confidence

Regular play helps to encourage your child to take risks and use their imagination in exciting ways. This can help to increase confidence and self-esteem, which are both vital for future development. Completing a range of tasks during play also gives your child an important sense of accomplishment, which can further bolster their self-belief.

Boosted Resilience

Imaginative play, especially with other children, will present a range of conflicts and obstacles that can be overcome. This helps to improve your child’s resilience and their ability to cope with challenging situations.

Increased Emotional Intelligence

Regular play sessions help to support normal development of emotional regulation abilities, essential for later life. Playing alongside or with other children can bolster empathy as well as basic social skills. Learning to share is also an important emotional milestone that can grow through playing with siblings or other children.

Boosted Creativity

Supporting your child in play also gives them the opportunity to approach scenarios in lots of different ways, helping them to feed their natural curiosity alongside developing creative problem solving capabilities.

Improved Motor Skills

Alongside the range of cognitive benefits that play can provide, it can also support the development of essential motor skills in your child. Play teaches children to move, balance and sort things, as well as encouraging them to organise and handle multiple tasks at once.

Ride On Carz 4 Kidz: Toys Your Child Will Love

At Ride On Carz 4 Kidz, we supply a comprehensive array of children’s ride on cars, where you can choose from single or two-seaters, buggies, jeeps, tractors and push along vehicles. This includes branded vehicles from Land Rovers to Lamborghinis, to give your child a taste of real life driving.

Our range of children’s outdoor toys also includes pools, swing sets and foam bullet rifles. For indoor entertainment, you can choose from a selection of drum sets and keyboards, as well as child-size football tables.

Contact us today for more information about our complete range of toys and products.

The Ultimate Guide to Garden Slides and Play Equipment

The Ultimate Guide to Garden Slides and Play Equipment

No matter the setting, outdoor play is a great way for children to develop their early learning skills, have fun and stay healthy. In this guide, we take a look at some of the best garden toys and play equipment on offer, as well as providing advice on some key considerations to keep in mind before you make a purchase. So read on to discover how to keep your children entertained for hours with the best garden play equipment.

What are the benefits of outdoor play?

It’s undisputed that outdoor play has numerous benefits for children of all ages. Here are some of the advantages garden play can provide:

Encourages physical fitness

Spending time outdoors daily helps keep children fit and healthy physically. Encouraging children to run, jump, climb and chase develops good physical fitness, as well as helping aid in critical development such as stability, bone density, and muscle development. Staying healthy from a young age can help prevent future problems too.

Advanced motor skills

Playing outside allows kids to develop more advanced motor skills than children who spend most of their time indoors, including agility, balance and coordination.

Helps develop social skills

Playing outside offers children a chance to explore and process feelings in a situation that they can control. The increased space lends itself well to group activities providing opportunities to practise empathy and develop an understanding of others. Outside is the perfect place for children to make friends, helping develop their social and emotional skills, by engaging in group activities and problem-solving.

Introduces children to the natural world

Spending time outdoors allows children to explore their natural environment and the world around them. As your kids play outside, they will be introduced to plants, wildlife and the sights, sounds and smells of everyday life.

What considerations should I keep in mind before buying an outdoor toy?

Before purchasing garden play equipment, you’ll need to think carefully about selecting the right toy for your child. Ideally, your toy should be:

Age appropriate

As with all children's toys, the one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to work. A 7-year-old is likely to quickly grow bored of a toy designed for a toddler. You’ll also have to comply with age and weight guidelines to ensure your toddler can play safely with a toy that appeals to them - for example, you’ll want to discourage your 8-year old from playing on a baby swing that cannot accommodate their size.


Practicality is another factor you should consider before purchasing an outdoor toy or garden play equipment. While your little one may be begging you for a slide, does your garden have enough space to fit one? You’ll also need to ensure that any outdoor apparatus is sturdy enough to withstand any harsh weather conditions.

What are the best options when it comes to garden toys and play equipment?

The options are endless when it comes to garden play equipment for kids. However, we’ve compiled an assortment of popular classics to help you select the perfect toy for your little one:

Garden swings

Who could forget their first childhood swing? This essential classic is a must-have for all kids - not only will they enjoy lasting memories for life but they’ll also help improve your child’s mental and physical health. Here are a few benefits garden swings can provide:

  • Swinging is calming.
  • Swinging encourages social interaction and development.
  • Swinging increases spatial awareness.
  • Swinging helps develop gross motor skills—pumping legs, running, jumping.
  • Swinging helps develop fine motor skills—grip strength, hand, arm and finger coordination.
  • Swinging develops a child’s core muscles and helps with the development of balance.
  • Spinning on a swing stimulates different parts of a child’s brain simultaneously. This is important for learning skills such as spatial awareness, rhythm and balance and muscle control.


Better still, why not invest in an outdoor toy that has a bit of everything? Ride On Carz 4 Kidz proudly offers our Mini Playground Swing And Slide Set which incorporates the essential playground favourites your kids are guaranteed to love. Including a long plastic slide, trusty swing set and even a basketball hoop and corresponding ball - whatever the preferences of your little one, there’s an array of activities and imaginative play opportunities to explore. Let your toddler’s imagination run wild, and bring the fun of the park to your back garden.


A simple ball can provide endless fun for toddlers, as it can be thrown, kicked, hit, or rolled. This can be a great way to encourage active play and coordination.

Plastic swimming pools

A garden essential for warm weather, plastic swimming pools have experienced widespread popularity among children for years. In addition to introducing kids to swimming in a safe environment, they’re guaranteed to keep them entertained all summer long.

Choose from a variety of exciting garden pools and hot tubs available at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz. Our spacious Bestway 14ft Steel Pro Max X Large Swimming Pool is ideal for chilled evenings in the sun, splash-filled shenanigans or friendly gatherings, while the 13ft Bestway Rattan Fast Set inflatable swimming pool is the perfect stress-free set up with no tools required that will guarantee you a cooling swim.

Bikes and tricycles

Bikes and tricycles are another great option when searching for an outdoor toy.

Tricycles are particularly suitable for younger children who might not be able to use an electric ride on car yet, the push-along element of many of these vehicles creates a prime opportunity for exercise.

Some tricycle vehicles are multi-functional and can also be used as baby strollers. A great example of this is the 3-in-1 Tricycle, available at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz. With pedals, footrests and a comfortable seat coupled with a protective wind cover, your little one can explore the outdoors at their own pace.

Meanwhile, bikes are a popular classic that will keep your kids healthy and active all year round. Here’s just a few of the exciting bikes we stock:

Our Official licensed BMW S1000RR Electric Ride On Motorcycle is the perfect choice for any little thrillseekers out there. Available in a range of classic colours, this new model is ensured to be a big hit with our young BMW model lovers. Appropriate for kids up to 5 years old, this bike features leather seating, headlights and taillights and a logo - so your child will feel like they’re driving the real thing!

To capture your child’s imagination, you could alternatively invest in our BMW R1200 Police Electric Ride On Motorcycle. Fulfil your little one’s fantasy by allowing them to be a police officer as they whizz around on this pint-sized motorcycle. Able to accommodate children up to 6 years old or 2 smaller children, this ride on bike will leave kids entertained for hours.

If you want to mimic the feeling of a real bike even further, why not opt for the Sabex X Electric Monkey Bike with stabilisers. Ideal for any little daredevils out there, this bike takes excitement to a whole new level! Featuring a high and low-speed setting, the Sabex X Electric Monkey Bike is a smooth, quiet, entirely pollution-free designed for outdoor fun, offering a rear disc bracket and new twist throttle that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of a life sized motorbike. Fitted with chopper-style padded seats and alloy wheels, this electric monkey bike with stabilisers is available in a range of colours.

A bike that will ensure your kid rides in style is the Licensed Aprilia Tuono V4 12V Kids Electric Ride On Motorbike. This motorbike is the ultimate adrenaline machine and will keep your kids occupied for hours. Make this the birthday present your child will remember for years to come!

Another stylish option is the Vespa Kids Ride - available in a range of colours, from the style of the working front light and rear view mirrors to the iconic body shape this scooter is just as cool as a real Vespa and just as much fun to ride.

If you’re seeking a bike fit for a little adventurer, we stock the all new 800W 36V Mini dirt bike from Neo Outlaw. This powerful mini dirt bike is perfect for off road use and is virtually silent compared to the noisy petrol versions. With front rear discs able to stop the vehicle safely, this bike also comes with 3 speed settings so as parents you can set the speed with the key, start off on the low speed setting and adjust as your child gets comfortable riding it to the higher speeds.

Garden play toys at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz

At Ride On Carz 4 Kidz, we stock the best childrens outdoor toys and play equipment that will keep your kids entertained for hours. We also boast an amazing collection of ride on cars and our showroom boasts over 50 cars on display you can try before you buy. From buggies, jeeps and tractors to garden play toys, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today to discover our amazing collections and find the best toy for your child.

5 Summer Party Ideas: Inflatable Swimming Pools and more!

5 Summer Party Ideas: Inflatable Swimming Pools and more!

Cold as it may be at the moment, summer is slowly on its way. And as the cold, dark nights become long, warm evenings, you might be thinking about the events coming up in the sunny season. Whether it's to celebrate a birthday or another special occasion, garden parties can be a summer tradition for many families and friends, as well as a special time for children and adults alike.

But for any successful children’s summer garden party, you’ll need a lot more than simply having a garden. There are many activities, ideas, and themes to explore - the possibilities are endless.  Read on to discover some creative summer garden party ideas for your children and tips on how to make them a reality.

#1 BBQ Garden Party

The archetypal summer garden party staple, BBQs are a fun and tasty occasion for all. There are a wide variety of dishes you can cook with a BBQ, from burgers and hotdogs to seafood and vegetables.

This means that you can enjoy many different food types at the party and have a full array of food available, perhaps combining a few different cuisines from around the world. Vegetarian and vegan options are also now available from most, if not all, supermarkets - keeping the BBQ inclusive and delicious for all.

A BBQ garden party is a great way for both adults and children to socialise in the pleasant outdoors, as well as a fun way for children to be educated about food and the different types of cuisine around the world. They also are easy to organise and it is much simpler to cook for a large group of people than traditional kitchen meals.

#2 Pool Party

Inflatable swimming pools or plastic swimming pools make for excellent garden play toys that can be incredibly entertaining for children. Inflatable swimming pools are especially easy to set up and can combine with other activities on this list, providing an enjoyable time all around for the children.

For a summer garden party, inflatable or plastic swimming pools instantly evoke a distinctive summery feeling, allowing people to cool down on extremely warm days. An inflatable swimming pool works will provide a memorable paddling experience for partygoers and is a garden play tool that can truly enhance the occasion.

After getting an inflatable swimming pool, get some inflatable toys that can float about in the water, pool decorations, and a speaker for music. This makes a pool party pop with excitement for the partygoers, who can play a variety of games in the pool such as Marco Polo or volleyball.. The pool party with inflatable swimming pools can then be combined with a BBQ to provide some light, tasty post-swim light snacks for the partygoers.

#3 Obstacle Course

With garden play toys, you can make your garden into an obstacle course for an adventure-themed children’s summer garden party. An obstacle course is a great activity which can be a creative and exciting event for all. Making it collaborative and team-based will also help children learn essential skills in communication and cooperation.

Whilst an obstacle course might sound complicated to construct in your garden, you can use children’s outdoor toys to make it a unique and interesting event. For example, if you already have a playground set or slide, this can easily become part of the obstacle course. This is the same for an inflatable swimming pool, which can make for a good “water section” of the obstacle course.

Cones, ladders, and chairs can also be effective markers for the obstacle course, which can have sections devoted to running between points. Combined with inflatable swimming pools, the obstacle course is a fun experience with healthy competition - an pleasant way for children to keep fit through a creative form of exercise.

#4 Dart Gun Fight

Children’s outdoor toys such as dart guns with foam bullets (or block bullets for early teenagers) can make for a chaotic but supremely exciting garden party. The game can be a part of the above obstacle course, perhaps with a section on shooting practice, where children have to aim and hit a certain target to win.

Having children make up their own games facilitated by garden play toys such as dart guns will undoubtedly entertain them, whilst being good to allow them to use their imagination and inner creativity. The garden can be decorated with other children’s outdoor toys such as slides and plastic swimming pools to help make the dart gun games more dynamic for the partygoers.

If you think the games should have more structure, you can always organise everyone into teams and have a battle, maybe with the teams having to defend a certain object, such as a specific garden play toy. But, equally, simply facilitating a dart gun game with good decorations can allow children to come up with their own ideas and use their own imaginations in a creative way.

#4 Grand Prix

Electric riding vehicles are one of the most impressive children’s outdoor toys available on the market, giving youngsters a safe and healthy taste of the driving experience. These can be used in multiple ways for a fantastic summer garden event that will truly wow the partygoers.

For any children who are fans of cars or motor racing, you can use electric riding vehicles and other garden play tools to establish a car racing Grand Prix experience - in your garden. With cones or other markers, you can mark out a basic track, and then have the children race against each other for a certain amount of time.

There is a staggering range of electric riding vehicles available online and is a great children’s outdoor toy that can come in many shapes and sizes. For example, out of the hundreds of stock available at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz, you can get electric riding vehicles licensed by Range Rover, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Audi, and more. Not only that, but these electric riding vehicles aren’t just cars; there are ride-on trucks, motorbikes, and even tractors available at competitive prices.

This range of electric riding vehicles can make the garden party Grand Prix experience incredibly exciting for all. It can inform and educate your children on not only the driving basics but good sportsmanship and resilience.

If you have a too large number of partygoers for every guest to have an electric riding vehicle, you can have the children take it in turns or, if you have a stopwatch to hand, you can even try a “Time Trial” event. This involves each partygoer trying to set the fastest time around the track.

You could structure the event by giving each partygoer ten laps to race around, recording their fastest time, and then having the fastest time win. The winner could receive a garden play toy as a prize to reward their skilled racing with the electric riding vehicle!

#5 Outdoor Arcade

A nice added touch to a children’s summer garden party is some good arcade games you can play outside. Ping pong, pool, or table football can make for a fun additional activity for all - a dynamic example of “gaming”, but that’s outside and away from computers, phones, and TV screens.

With table football especially, children can work together in teams to play the game. Educating them about the basics of football, teamwork, and sportsmanship, an outdoor arcade game will be an excellent addition to a BBQ or inflatable swimming pool party.

Having some instruments can also add an extra element of creativity to the outdoor arcade games, as a drum set or keyboard with a microphone make for fun activities partygoers can enjoy. These instruments can improve children’s rhythm and coordination, as well as concentration, patience, and hearing.

Having children actually play music together can also further their sense of teamwork and collaboration, and makes for an undeniably enjoyable summer garden party experience that adds to the outdoor arcade concept.

What Next?

If you’re intrigued by any of the summer garden party ideas mentioned in this article, Ride On Carz 4 Kidz can help. We sell inflatable swimming pools, plastic swimming pools, children’s outdoor toys, and garden play toys, as well as a range of electric riding vehicles. The products available at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz can make a children’s summer garden party, whether that be a birthday party or other celebration, a truly special occasion that will be remembered for years to come.

You can see our vast collection of electric riding vehicles and other children’s outdoor toys online. Or, if you want to contact us, give us a call at 01138240433 where you can speak to a friendly member of our team.

Ride on police bikes and Bentley Toy Cars: Exciting toy ideas for your little ones

Ride on police bikes and Bentley Toy Cars: Exciting toy ideas for your little ones

Kids toys have grown increasingly exciting over the years, and ride on cars are all the rage right now. Our range of ride-on cars is huge, meaning you’ve got a world of choice when it comes to finding the right way to amaze your little one.

Carry on reading to find a breakdown of our huge range, and a list of our best sellers to help you narrow down your choice!

Benefits of Ride-On-Cars

There are a bunch of reasons to invest in a ride-on car for your child!

Firstly, although they are sitting down in their mini vehicles, it is still promoting them to do physical activity and get outside! It’s a great way to encourage your toddlers to steer, getting in a good little arm workout while they get their fresh air.

Promoting fine and gross motor skills is another reason why ride-on cars can be beneficial. Whole body and smaller movements can help your children to move all their muscle groups, and target smaller muscle groups.

It will definitely be useful to their spatial awareness, teaching them how to move in and around different spaces in certain environments. And, as they start getting to grips with cruising around, they will learn how to not bump into so much furniture!

Last but not least, it can be a huge confidence booster for kids to be in control of their very own moving vehicle! It gives them the opportunity to make decisions and this greater freedom can help inspire a sense of independence and improve their self-esteem.

A few things to bear in mind when shopping for the perfect mini vehicle for your mini.

Things to consider for your Children’s ride on cars

Age appropriate

It’s important to look into what vehicles are in your child’s age category. Make you sure you carefully explore options that are safe for your child. On the whole, we suggest that for children 3 and under you should opt for a pushable, non-electric car. They should be supervised and assisted at all times. This is ultimately for safety reasons, as our child may lack the coordination and reflexes to safely navigate an electric car just yet. That doesn’t mean they have to go without any fun though! You can take a look at our non-electric and push friendly options here. And if you want to explore any of our non vehicle range, you can explore our hot tub range and garden toys.

Most electric cars in our showroom are designed for children in the 3 yrs-8 yrs age range. You can check each product description individually to get more specific information on making the right choice. Not only is age a factor, but, weight capacity and speed settings of each car will factor into the one you finally choose.

Where is my ride-on going to be used?

A lot of people will simply be using their ride-on in the comfort of their own gardens. However, older children might be embarking on new adventures by taking their cars to slightly bigger areas such as the park. With this in mind, each vehicle has different features that you will want to consider, such as adaptable tyres and dazzling LED headlights. So, be careful to look at each vehicle in depth to establish which features will be the most beneficial to you and your kids!


While there are many things to consider when picking out your ride-on-car, you will notice a different voltage on each of the vehicles, usually 24v, 12v or lower. This indicates the power of your car, and will give you a better idea of how many children your vehicle can hold. Not only this, but voltage reflects the speed at which your car will be able to go too. 12v tends to reach about 5 miles per hour and 24v will reach up to 7.5 miles per hour.

Be sure to consider this, and you can use our filter options on our website to help find the right fit for your ride-on.

Electric Ride-On-Cars by Brand

If your child already has their dream car in mind, we offer a range of different brands which you can find here, that should allow you to get something with the wow-factor for your little one!

  • Lamborghini
  • Jaguar
  • Mercedes
  • Bentley
  • Audi
  • Land Rover
  • BMW
  • Volkswagen
  • Ford Mustang

These come in a range of options too. Including single-seat, multi-passenger, buggies, push along cars, tractors and jeeps. No worries if you’re feeling overwhelmed by our range, we’ve hand picked our top 5 vehicles to help you carefully narrow down your options!

Our top 5 vehicle choices

Licensed Mercedes G Wagon - 24v

A mini version of Mercedes’ world famous G wagon, this ride-on comes in at £389.95

The bright red colour is super eye-catching, and bound to thrill your kids! Not only this, but the G Wagon comes with dazzling LED lights to illuminate surroundings. This car is 24 volt battery powered and has brilliant leather seats making it easier to wipe down and clean.

If you’re interested in getting the G-Wagon, make sure you check out the other features here before buying!

Licensed Bentley Supersport - 12v

This super cute metallic pink Bentley toy car is ideal for 1 child up to 5 or 6, or 2 children around 3 years old. It’s a 12 volt battery which will give you a usage duration of up to an hour!

This option has a parental bluetooth remote control function, to keep younger children that extra bit safe. To look into the distinct metallic pink Bentley in more detail.

Licensed Range Rover Evoque - 12v

This miniature of the classic Range Rover evoque comes in a brilliant white or a super cute pink. It’s a great idea for a present or birthday.

The 12v powered ride-on has an abundance of amazing features, and comes at an unmatched price of £249.95, which is great value for money.

These are manufactured by Range Rover themselves, to maintain authenticity and attention to detail, making them a high quality option!

Licensed Audi R8 Facelift - 12v

The Audi R8 Spyder mini is now available as a licensed ride on car! Meaning you can now add a personalised late to this miniature sports car.

The R8 comes in a pink, white and electric blue model, which you can also upgrade to an MP4 version! They are ideal for one child up to 3 or 4 years of age. And, this option also has a parental remote control feature for added safety.

Coming in at under £200, this Audi R8 option is a great gift for your little one!

Ride-on Police Bike

You may be in the market for a vehicle that isn't a car! If this is the care, we have a range of buggies, bikes and tractors available for you to browse. One of our more exciting options is our BMW R1200 Police ride-on-motorcycle!

This electric motorcycle is perfect for a slightly older age range, we recommend 1 child up to 6 years of age or 2 smaller children. The usage time is up to an hour with this 12v model, and you can opt for either a white or silver version. The entertaining police sign and additional light on the back is sure to make your little one feel amused and authoritative.

Please note:

Please bear in mind that all of our ride-on-cars come with a free personalised number plate, to make your vehicle extra special for your children! You can add this on our website, simply type in the personalisation you would like on the plate and away we go.

Also note that our ride-on-cars come flat packed as standard. If you would like your delivery to be assembled, there is an additional assembly charge of £25.

What we offer

Here at Ride on Carz 4 Kidz, our car showroom and toy shop are here to make your little ones happy. We have a huge range of things to offer, from hot tubs to our extensive range of cars. Our catalogue also has a range of non-vehicle and garden toys that might be of interest to you or your child. You can shop by both brand and by price to find something that is the best fit for you.

You can pop down to our showroom to get a first hand look at our great selection of vehicle options, or you can peruse our extensive online catalogue from the comfort of your home!

From Garden Pools To Swing Sets: A Guide To Fun Outdoor Play

From Garden Pools To Swing Sets: A Guide To Fun Outdoor Play

From the moment children can think for themselves, they love to play. It just comes naturally. Whether they’re running around the living room or using their imaginations outdoors, there are endless benefits to creative engagement. What’s more, studies have shown that an active imagination leads to better social, cognitive and physical development.

If there’s one thing better than playing inside, it’s getting a little fresh air and exploring the world outdoors. Of course, sending a child off into the woods alone isn’t a good idea, so back gardens often set the scene for their imaginative escapades and outdoor adventures.

That said, it can be tricky knowing where to start when buying toys for children. Their interests are always changing and there are so many options to choose from. What’s more, many toys are unsuitable for use outdoors and will get lost or broken. If you’re scratching your head trying to decide how to entertain your little sprogs, we’re here to help.

Read on to discover our complete guide to fun outdoor play and its range of benefits.

Garden Swings

First up on our list are garden swings. There’s a reason these traditional pieces of play equipment have been loved for centuries. From tyre swings to river-side ropes, there are a dozen variations of the classic swing, and they’re all great fun. Of course, the safest, and most common, style of swing can be found in play parks and back gardens across the world. With different seats for children of all ages, the humble swing facilitates hours of joy.


Similarly to swings, slides have provided copious amounts of fun for decades. Sure, these simple contraptions have come a long way since their invention in 1922, but the basic idea remains the same! Who’d have thought that a ladder and a sloped surface could bring so much happiness? Let’s be honest though, even adults have a go on one from time to time. Here at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz, we’re pleased to offer mini playground swing and slide sets, perfect for all children 18 months and older.

Jungle Gyms

Moving on to jungle gyms. Much like garden swings and slides, these bits of outdoor equipment not only provide hours of play but are also good for encouraging a little physical activity and hand-eye coordination. Often consisting of swings, slides, monkey bars and climbing walls, a jungle gym is a versatile piece of outdoor playground equipment that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Swimming Pools

Next up on our list is a suggestion for the warmer months. On scorching days and summer afternoons, a swimming pool is a welcome addition to any back garden. What’s more, they needn’t break the bank. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you spend tens of thousands of pounds excavating a backyard pool; inflatable pools are great value for money and the perfect way to enjoy warmer days.

Here at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz, we stock a range of swimming pools and hot tubs, perfect for summer relaxation and outdoor playtime with the whole family. Whether you’re looking for a steel-framed swimming pool or something to warm you on cooler evenings, we’ve got you covered.

Remote Control Vehicles

Now, we talked about the range of outdoor play equipment available, now let’s look at some real toys! For parents and children alike, there’s something undeniably appealing about a remote control vehicle. They’re exciting, fast paced and require real focus to use. If you’re looking for a truly engaging toy that will have your little one utterly fixated, an R/C car might be the way to go!

No matter your child’s interests, whether they’re a race car fanatic or a budding dinosaur enthusiast, you’re sure to find a remote control toy they’ll love here at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz. From R/C Bulldozers to Rechargeable Dinosaurs, discover our range today.

Blasters & Foam Guns

Next on our list of children’s toys are water blasters and foam guns. Whether you’re shooting targets in the garden or playing parents vs kids in the living room, toy guys can be heaps of fun. We’ll discuss this in further detail shortly, but it is worth noting that these kinds of guns can be beneficial for hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Of course, it goes without saying that these kinds of toys should be used safely and with appropriate supervision.

Ride-On Cars

Last, but by no means least, let’s talk about ride-on cars! These exciting electric toys can bring so much joy to children of all ages, allowing them to use their imaginations as they zoom around your garden and paths. With hundreds of officially licensed manufacturers, such as the Range Rover Evoque, there’s something for everyone. What’s more, ride-on cars are available with a range of power outputs and battery sizes, so there are exciting and safe options for all ages and abilities.

The Benefits Of Play

As we mentioned briefly above, playing outdoors isn’t just great fun, it is also hugely beneficial to children’s development. For centuries, scientists and behavioural experts have noted the importance of recreational activities such as imaginative play and creative exploration among children. We thought it would be interesting to explore a few of the main benefits associated with outdoor play. From nurturing independence to physical exercise, here’s how it can help.


Firstly, teaching children to play outdoors on their own is a great way to boost their independence and self-confidence. As we all know, childhood is an important time for the development of confidence and independence. Playing by oneself or without adult assistance during these formative years can teach children to be comfortable for short periods on their own.


In addition to nurturing independence, playing with toys such as ride-on cars, foam guns and swings is proven to help children with their coordination. Hand-eye skills are crucial as young people transition into adolescence and adulthood, so providing toys that will aid this development is always a good idea.


Moreover, playtime is important as it allows children to use their imaginations, becoming lost in fantasy worlds and adventures. Whether the garden becomes a race course for an R/C car or an alien warzone, choosing the right toy for your little ones will bring them endless joy.


What’s better than playing on your own? Playing with friends of course! Choosing toys that can be used with friends or shared is a brilliant way to boost your child’s confidence while socialising and teach them to interact with others sensibly and compassionately. Backyard races, water fights and taking turns to ride the swings are all perfect choices for social development.


Lastly, outdoor play is incredibly beneficial for young people’s physical and mental health. It’s no secret that physical activity is good for us, and even 30 minutes of running around outside is accompanied by a range of benefits.

Garden Play Toys From Ride On Carz 4 Kidz

From swings and slides to garden pools, ride-on cars and foam guns, there are a plethora of choices available when it comes to choosing toys for your children. What better place to stock up on all your backyard goodies than here at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz? We understand the importance of imaginative play among children and take pride in supplying happy customers with high-quality toys up and down the country.

So, whether you’re searching for a ride-on Mercedes or a mini playground swing and slide set, you’ve come to the right place. To discuss your requirements or ask a member of our friendly team a question, get in touch now.

Call us on 01138240433.


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