Keyboard with microphone and usb mp3 music input

Keyboard with microphone and usb mp3 music input SALE
Keyboard with microphone and usb mp3 music input SALE


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MQ807 Keyboard with microphone


Musical instrument are toys which develop creativity of children, positively affect also on their concentration, patience and motor coordination. Presented here multiple-functional keyboard in pleasant way will shape and improve child's musical abilities, rhythm feeling and sense of hearing. This comprehensive set consists of keyboard, microphone, recording function made by a child  sound sequences. MQ807 Keyboard is designed with the youngest musician in mind what is visible in its streamlined construction, devoid of sharp elements and ends and also in softness of keys, what provides comfortable playing for small, childish hands.


 Musical piano is a toy which in pleasant in light way arouses a passion to music in little virtuoso's hearts. This is an interesting toy for all of the children which are curious of mysterious world of music and sound. This educational product will provide long hours of fun connected with learning. Wealthy equipped instrument will give each Child endless possibilities to realise even the most incredible and unrepeatable music ideas, also in composing unforgettable compositions and perpetuating first concerts in home.   


Set for little musician consists of:

- musical keyboard,

- microphone,

- feeder ,

- 2 speakers.


 Are you curious, what hides the buttons placed on keyboard? A lot of interesting functions and options, among others buttons of feeding, tones and rhythms, allowing for turning one from hundred tones and programming the device. It is not everything - in the construction of childish keyboard a baby will find digital LCD screen, regulation of forwarded by USB sounds intensity, also possibility of including to the compositions drum and percussion sounds. 


Dimensions of the device:

- 70 cm x 23 cm x 6,5 cm.


Dimensions of packaging:

- 26 cm x 74 cm x 11 cm.





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