R/C Rechargeable Dinosaur

R/C Rechargeable Dinosaur SALE
R/C Rechargeable Dinosaur SALE


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Remote Controlled Futuristic Dinosaur R / C

Due to their size and mystery, dinosaurs are very popular among young boys. At this age, children also want their first pets. Thanks to our interactive Modern R / C Dinosaur, you can make two dreams come true at once!

This futuristic-looking predatory dinosaur is a real treat for its future owner. The beast looks both grand and dynamic. It has a mouth with strong jaws, powerful lower limbs and a long, whip-like tail. The head of the dinosaur is decorated with bony horns covered with details imitating the skin. The mechanical animal also has robotic elements - its eyes glow and a missile launcher is placed on its back!

The dinosaur is controlled by a remote control that lies comfortably in your hand. You can use it to give him commands, such as moving, making sounds, and firing his weapons!

Thanks to the minimalistic design of the box and the large, transparent glass, the toy looks really elegant even before unpacking. The dinosaur is powered by a rechargeable battery, which can be charged with the included USB charger. The remote control requires AA batteries (not included).

Package dimensions: 59 cm x 33 cm x 17 cm.

Weight with packaging: 3 kg


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