From Children’s Electric Cars To Table Football: Toys The Whole Family Can Enjoy

From Children’s Electric Cars To Table Football: Toys The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Playtime with the whole family is not only fun, but it also has fantastic well-being, social and communication benefits. In an age where screens and technology are ubiquitous, it is more important than ever to put down the Ipads, turn off the television and play together as a whole family. Playing with toys as a family together is not only good for your health but can also create lasting memories. When it comes to finding a toy that the whole family can enjoy, there is something for everyone from children’s electric cars and garden swings to table football and drum kits. Read on to find out what toys your family could be enjoying together.

What are the benefits of playing with toys as a family?

Builds social bonds

When you play together as a family, you create opportunities for jokes and happy memories to be created together. This in turn strengthens the social bonds between each member of the family and helps alleviate any external pressures or internal arguments that may be lingering. The happiness produced by whole family play has a therapeutic effect for both children and adults as it’s difficult to stay angry when you’re splashing around in a plastic swimming pool or racing electric toy cars.

Improves communication skills

One of the great things about playing games together, especially if you are in teams, is that you have to talk and work together in order to be successful. This is great for developing communication skills in both younger children and teenagers as everyone will want to get their point across once the game gets going.

Good for health

The movement that happens as an organic consequence of playing games is great for health. Games tend to promote better hand-eye coordination and reduce stress. The movement of playing games also increases blood flow which helps relax your muscles and improve breathing, as well as relieving headaches and fatigue. An additional benefit is that by playing games with your family you are instilling a healthy habit in your children that will serve them for life.

What toys can the whole family enjoy?

Electric toy cars

No matter what your age an electric toy car is a great toy! Children’s electric cars are great for outdoor activities and can be enjoyed by multiple children at once. Other than the fantastic fun of driving around in your electric toy cars, you can play enjoyable competitive games such as time trials or get your children to compete against each other in your own garden race course. If you have more than one electric toy car, then the fun really begins as you can play great games such as live racing and see who is the speediest member of your family.

While children’s electric cars can provide hours of entertainment, it’s important to consider safety factors as well. You'll want to make sure that you choose a children’s electric car with a weight capacity that's appropriate for your child. This information can usually be found in the product listing or product manual. If your child is taller and/or heavier than average for their age, you might want to consider opting for an electric toy car with a higher weight capacity. This will ensure that they're able to stay comfortable and safe while they're playing.

When it comes to speed settings, most children’s electric cars will offer at least two different speeds. As a general rule, lower speeds are better suited for younger kids who are just starting out riding cars. Higher speeds should be reserved for older kids who have more experience behind the wheel. You should start with the lowest speed setting and gradually work your way up as your child gets more comfortable operating electric toy cars.

Table football

Table football is an iconic game that can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. It’s the perfect game to play all year round - whether it's winter or summer as there is no need to leave the house. It’s the perfect toy to play with football fans but easily accessible to families who never watch the sport. The great thing about playing table football is that you only need two people to play and the more players, the more exciting the tournament becomes. The rules are simple - choose a team, stand on the right side and try to score a goal! It’s a great way to develop communication skills between teams as well as strengthen the social bonds between the family unit.

Foam gunfights

If you like the outdoors or don’t mind making a potential mess indoors, a foam gunfight can be the ultimate in family fun. To really bring the game alive, you should group the family together in teams or create a play scenario that will bring out the heroes and heroines in your children. Add extra fun by creating piles of cushions and bean bags that you can hide behind or dive into for additional drama.

Plastic swimming pools and hot tubs

If you and your family enjoy water play and swimming then a plastic swimming pool or hot tub for the garden could be just what you need to kick-start family time. Plastic swimming pools come in a plethora of different sizes and shapes so you’ll undoubtedly be able to find one that fits your space. Plastic swimming pools offer so many opportunities for great games, especially if you get a pair of goggles or a ball involved. Installing a plastic swimming pool in your garden is also a great way to build water confidence in your children and help them practise for time spent in a larger swimming pool or leisure centre.

Garden Swing sets

Garden swings or garden play toys are absolutely ideal playthings for children if you have some outdoor space. Every toddler will love spending time outdoors, playing on the swings and slides. The garden play toys available from Ride On Carz 4 Kidz give the whole family something to engage with from pushing younger children on the swing to shooting hoops and playing games of basketball.

Drum Kits

You don’t need to be musical or classically trained to enjoy a musical instrument! There is something for everyone whether you have Grade 8 or you’ve never picked up a maraca in your life. Children’s drums are a brilliant gift idea for a child who shows interest in music from an early age or for a parent who is looking to take the family band to the next level. Playing the drums allow you and your child to develop a sense of rhythm and basic motor skills like coordination. The presence of music in you and your child’s life is not only a great way to bond and create memories but will have an overall positive impact on future development.


As with drum kits, musical instruments such as keyboards help to develop the creativity of children and positively affect their concentration, patience, rhythm, and motor coordination. A keyboard is fun for the whole family and can be played together as part of a family band or as an accompaniment to a sing-along.  A musical piano is a great way to bring about a passion for music in your little one and can provide hours of fun preparing their own compositions and performing their own concerts at home.

Where can I buy quality children’s toys?

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