From Ride On Cars to Plastic Swimming Pools: The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Toys

From Ride On Cars to Plastic Swimming Pools: The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Toys

If lockdown has taught us anything, it is that we need to spend more time getting out of the house. If you go stir-crazy being stuck indoors with the children and you have a garden then make use of it. If you are thinking of treating the kids or grandkids to some outdoor garden toys then look no further than Ride on Carz 4 Kidz. The article below has everything you need to kit out your garden and keep the children entertained for hours on end.

Single Seat Ride On Cars

If you are looking to buy an electric ride-on car that is suitable for a single child then you have come to the right place. These amazing cars have a 12v battery and two motors. They are suitable for children up to the age of five years or 25kg.

All single-rider cars come supplied with a seat and a seatbelt for extra safety. They also have three-speed settings. These settings consist of slow, normal, and fast. You will have to charge them for about eight hours until they reach a full charge. They will then last about an hour before they need charging again.

These are great for taking a walk around the neighbourhood and keeping the little one occupied while doing so. You don’t have to worry about your child veering towards the road as these cars come with a handheld parent remote control. The greatest thing is that they can be used once the sun starts to set as they come complete with headlights and taillights.

If you want your child’s car to look and feel more personal to them, then you have the bonus feature of adding a number plate. All single-rider cars come with this.  If you do decide to buy this product then you can choose to pick it up or have it delivered. You also have the choice of having it flat-packed so you build it yourself, or for a charge, it can be pre-assembled.

2 Seater Ride On Cars

If a single-rider car just isn’t big enough, for example, if you have twins or two children close in age then how about a two-seater electric ride-on car? Similar to the single rider ones, they come with a seatbelt so you know your little ones will be safe. You can also control the car yourself thanks to the parent remote.

You will need to check the weight restrictions when you are shopping around for which car to purchase. Some of them have a weight limit of 30kg combined, while others state 40kg. If you have an older child, a double seater car might be better for them as they can hold a higher weight limit.

You can get your hands on all different brands and colours so you will be sure to find something that your children will love. Better yet, the doors open as they would on a real car so your little ones can really feel a part of the big wide world.

Cars With MP4 Video Screen

If you are worried that the car won’t be enough to keep your child entertained then how about looking at getting one that contains a video screen? There are plenty of cars that contain this option and your child can watch their favourite videos while parked up, or listen to some tunes while they are cruising around the neighbourhood. The greatest thing is you are still teaching them how to be safe while behind the wheel as it isn’t possible to watch stuff while the car is in motion.

You can find this option listed when you are shopping around the site for cars. Simply look for the ones under the category MP4 video player or in the description of the item itself.


If you live in the countryside or frequent dirt tracks then a normal single or double ride-on car just won’t be strong enough to handle this. However, there is still something for you to get your hands on that means your child can drive on the dirt. The 4x4 Jeeps and Buggies have bigger, sturdier wheels meaning they can grip the ground better.

The jeeps all come with two seats. This means they are suitable for one older child aged up to around the age of six, or two younger kidsup to the age of four. They all come with seatbelts and lights so you know your children will be safe at all times.

If jeeps and buggies just won’t suit your child’s interests then how about a lorry? We also sell these, and they are great if you have a trucker in the family that your little one looks up to. They don’t just have the lorry cab itself either, they have lorries complete with the trailers on the back.

Push Along Cars

If you have younger children who aren’t yet able to reach the pedals in the ride-on cars then they don’t have to miss out on all the fun. How about they have their own little push-along cars, if they are just starting to push things along then these will be perfect. You can get them in all your favourite car makes, maybe even one the same as you drive at home.

These are suitable for children aged between one and two, they would make an amazing birthday or Christmas gift. If your child loves the ‘nee naws’ of the emergency service vehicles then you can get a push-along fire engine.

All of the push-along cars come with lights, steering, and sounds to make them even more realistic. There is one that comes with a parent handle so can be used from around the age of eight months. You can then take the handle off when your child is ready so they can push it along themselves.


If you are looking for ways to stay cool in the warmer summer months then how about treating the family to a garden pool? You can get a whole array of shapes and sizes here. Pools ranging from 13ft to a whopping 18ft are available for you to get your hands on. You can also get rectangle ones or circle ones, depending on the shape you prefer or need to fit in the garden.

Better yet, if you are worried about how cold your pool will get when the sun isn’t directly on it then you can get a heating mat that is powered by the sun.

If you are hesitant to buy a bigger pool due to fishing out the dirt and debris every couple of hours, fear not. The pools here come with filters and pumps so they do the hard work for you.

Hot Tubs

If a pool isn’t your thing or you have older children at home then how about an inflatable hot tub instead? You might have always dreamed of having a big, fancy hot tub that doesn’t fit into your budget. We have some amazing, great-priced hot tubs here and you can fit around four to six people in them for a great evening of fun.

The great thing about hot tubs is you can use them all year round due to their freeze shield technology. This prevents the water from freezing and the hot tub from splitting when it gets cold in winter. The hot tubs also come complete with an enhanced pump technology system. This means you can simultaneously heat and filter your hot tub.

Water Slide

If your children love water but you don’t have room for a big paddling pool then how about investing in a water slide? They can still keep cool during the hot summer months. Simply attach your garden hose to the slide and watch as the water shower gives them a slippery ride from top to bottom.

The slide length is a total of 6.5 feet so suitable for all ages. The maximum weight limit for this particular slide is 50kg.

Swing & Slide Set

You might just be thinking that all we do is ride-on cars, this is far from the case. If your child is into climbing and swinging then how about a swing and slide set for your garden? They come in two colours and even have a basketball hoop so they can practise their throwing and shooting skills.

The slide comes with great length to it, meaning it will last until your child is around the age of four. The recommended starting age for these sets is 18 months.

They will come flat packed so you will need to assemble them in the comfort of your own home, or garden!

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you some insight into how to make your garden look amazing and appealing to the children. Remember, only purchase what you can afford and whatever fits into your budget. There are so many different toys listed above fitting into various budgets. For the full range of toys and cars from Ride on Carz 4 Kidz, consult our website.

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