What To Consider When Buying A 24v Ride On Car

What To Consider When Buying A 24v Ride On Car

Among the most in-demand toys when a birthday or Christmas comes around, ride on cars are an exciting type of toy, allowing your little one to engage with the grown-up activity of driving. Children of various ages and interests are bound to love the idea of navigating the back garden in their very own little vehicle, and with design options ranging from fire engines, officially licensed tiny Lamborghinis and even push-along miniatures for toddlers, the online catalogue has something for everyone. Within this detailed guide, let the professionals at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz take you through an array of mini cars, trucks and bikes, and guide you through what to consider when acquiring a 24 volt ride on car in 2023.

Cars, Buggies Or Bikes

Despite the name of our company, at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz, we don’t simply limit ourselves to stocking downsized versions of recognisable four-wheelers. Though some of our most popular electric child-friendly vehicles are larger 2-seater 24v automobiles, there are just as many buggies, jeeps, non-powered push-along cars and replica vehicles available to browse, allowing you to match the corresponding vehicle with your little one’s area of interest. Cast your eye over assorted 24 volt play vehicles, and review your branded, safety-approved options today! Nothing beats the look on your child’s face upon receiving a gift, and our electric cars, buggies and bikes are sure to produce a memorable smile.

Does Voltage Matter?

Though the voltage of your chosen electric vehicle is only an indication of the potential power output it maintains, keep a close eye on whether your vehicular voltage is 24v, 12v or lower - as this will potentially have a significant impact on how many children a vehicle can carry. For example, if you are acquiring an electric toy car for multiple children to use at once, a passenger seat will be necessary, but also the voltage to push the car along with any additional weight. As a general rule, any childrens vehicle will require a voltage of at least two parallel 12v batteries to function with a couple of little bodies on board, so filter via our website options and ensure your new family playtime favourite is well-equipped.

Age Appropriate

Just as important as acquiring a spacious and adequately powered 24v electric vehicle for your little one, explore options to pick a design which is appropriate for your child’s age. Generally, we would recommend that any child below the age of 3 is best suited to be supervised and guided along via a pushable non-electric car. This is largely due to the fact that at this age, a child may lack the motor skills, balance, coordination, and reflexes required to safely navigate and use a smaller electric vehicle. We are able to provide plenty of pushable kid-friendly cars for babies and toddlers with a sense of adventure. The Licensed Mercedes Antos push along vehicle even comes with an engine sound button, horn effects, working lights and comfy leather seats!

Age applicability of a 24v Ride On Car will also come down to the spaciousness of the seating area, rendering some selections unsuitable for taller and more developed children. This should be no such problem within our popular coloured and spacious Ride On Buggies. With legroom aplenty and a usage duration of up to 1 hour, these nimble karts are generally ideal for a child up to 6 years of age, and can be ordered either assembled or requiring self-assembly.

Intended Use

Whereas some of our customers like to stay within the comfort of their garden when trundling along in an authentic ride on car, others may allow older children to enjoy the freedom of a larger space, perhaps a local playing field or park area? Licensed cars and buggies from Ride On Carz 4 Kidz come equipped with a ton of features, including LED screens, MP3 capability and realistic sound effects, while the adaptable Eva Rubber tyre tracks upon the Mercedes G Wagon G63 6x6 can work their way through muddy patches, lumpy bumpy terrain and a whole lot more.

The two speed modes of the 24v 250w Kids Electric Monkey Bike with stabilisers allow it to be used by youngsters in the comfort of the back garden, with slow laps and practice as the order of the day. Circumstances really get fun when the versatile electric cycle is used within an open space - a real joy for kids with an adventurous streak. Grab some protective equipment and hit the (imaginary!) roads in style, with bright pink, luminous orange and jet black bodies to pick.

Personality And Interests

A gift from the heart is likely to mean a lot, and if your nipper has a particular love for ambulances, fire engines, police cars or tractors, 24v electric toy cars are worth considering. The Licensed Mercedes X Class pick up Kids Police Car benefits from a parental remote control function, allowing for immediate control of the vehicle if a hazard occurs, bringing the 4-wheeler to a halt.

Serving the double function of a fun electric vehicle and trusty scooper, ride on tractors retain more than enough power to navigate along at speed, and can be used compatibly with a pre-filled sandpit. Put together the imaginary farm of your children’s dreams with the Ride On Tractor And Digger from us. 2 gears, 3 speed modes and one trusty digger arm make for plenty of fun and games.

Budget Deals

If you’re keen to put together a surprise gift for your child, and don’t want to spend over a certain amount on electric mini-vehicles, we retain a large number of budget deals under £200. From trampolines, swings and slides to swimming pools and must-buy prop accessories, take a look through and save money on some absolute favourites:

Hot Tubs And Pools

Hot tubs and backyard pools aren’t exactly being used regularly in the current colder climate, but you could potentially save money on your own by acquiring one during a period of lessened demand. Inflatable Bestway pool options and adult-sized hot tubs remain a relaxing essential during the Summer - so prepare yourself!

Garden Toys

Bundles of fun for an only child, or for a smaller group of kids, the garden toys, climbing frames and structures we supply are easy-to-assemble, safe to climb and suitable for most children over 18 months of age. Your little one can slide, swing and jump their way through the new year with the Mini Playground Set.

Classic Quirky Toys

Unique in their design, usable on a rainy day and of exceptional quality, boredom-busting tabletop football, karaoke keyboard sets and baby gym frames cover a spectrum of ages and interests. Pass the hours with classic toys and keep active in the process, honing musical skills and strengthening character.

Ride On Carz 4 Kidz: Childrens Ride On Cars And Electric Riding Vehicles

Ride On Carz 4 Kidz is an ever-growing family run business, based in Leeds and supplying the latest and best ride on kids cars nationwide. We have hundreds of different products available and in stock for you to browse, whether you desire a new children’s 12 volt electric car, a branded higher-power toy car option or even a selection of varied toys and games for outdoor play. Whatever your child favours, Ride On Carz 4 Kidz is sure to have the perfect option in 2023.

All of our kids cars come with a free, personalised number plate sticker to give your little one’s new ride an extra special touch! Give us a call on 01138240433, and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. You can even visit our store in-person to view the range before making your choice.

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