Are Ride-On Cars For Kids Safe?

Are Ride-On Cars For Kids Safe?

It's safe to say that your child will have a great time when they’re in a ride-on car. As they whizz about your garden or driveway, it will make them feel like they’re on the road, racing in a Grand Prix, or running their own farm. And while it is great to see them having fun, if you’re contemplating buying your child a ride-on car, you’re probably wondering exactly how safe they are.

Read on to find out more about the safety features you might expect on a ride-on car, and whether they are safe for kids.

Parental Controls

If you’re a worrying parent concerned about their child’s safety while in a ride-on car, you should seek one out that has parental controls attached to it. Parental controls will enable you to take control of the vehicle if need be, which will stop your child from making dangerous driving decisions, such as crashing into a wall or driving somewhere they shouldn’t.

Speed Limits

A lot of parents are concerned about the speed that a child can reach in a ride-on car, as the faster they go, the more chance that an accident can occur. This is why most ride-on cars are fitted with controls that will prevent them from going too fast. Many of the ranges we sell at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz come with 3-speed options; slow, medium and fast. Even in the fast option, you can probably expect a max speed of around 5 miles per hour.


The best way to ensure your child is safe while in a ride-on car is to buy them one that is age appropriate. A ride-on car designed for a 5-8-year-old is probably not safe for a 3-year-old to use. A car for a higher age might be faster or have a different seat that might not be secure for a young child.

Ride-On Cars For Sale

Now that you’ve heard about how safe a ride-on vehicle can be, shop for one today with Ride On Carz 4 Kidz. We stock an amazing amount of cars for all ages, ranging from supercars from top brands like Mercedes to tractors and diggers. You can find something for anybody from our selection, no matter if they’re looking for something stylish or practical.

Many of our vehicles come equipped with parental controls, so if you are concerned about your child’s safety you can easily take control. The top speed is never too high, so your child will be kept at a comfortable speed as they have fun in their vehicle.

If you have any more questions about any of our products, give us an email today at

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