From Tricycles to Quad Bikes: The Ultimate Guide To Ride On Bikes

From Tricycles to Quad Bikes: The Ultimate Guide To Ride On Bikes

A ride on bike is a great way for your child to develop independence, improve their physical activity levels and spatial awareness, and learn essential motor skills. Best of all, they’re great fun!

Read on to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of ride on bikes…

What is a ride on toy?

A ride on toy is a small vehicle in which your child can drive or scoot themselves along. These can include cars, bikes, scooters, tractors and motorbikes - some toys are even designed to look like animals.

Ride on toys come in several different forms:

  • Battery electric
  • Petrol
  • Manual/push along

Where can they be used?

Ride on vehicles can be used both indoors and outdoors, however, hard floors are best for the smoothest operation. While the garden path is a great place for your little ones to practise their driving skills, make sure busy roads are avoided.

What are the benefits of ride on children’s bikes?

Ride on toys offers young children the opportunity to develop their curiosity and explore their surroundings playfully while building their self-confidence and independence. They’re a great pick for both summer and winter alike, meaning kids can play all year round and are also a good outlet to burn off any excess energy.

In particular, ride on bikes are great at helping children develop early learning skills. Especially relevant to young toddlers who may not yet be ready for a balance bike, ride on bikes keep things simple and help prepare your little ones for the next step. They’ll teach a toddler to push with their feet, as well as familiarise them with how to maintain their balance while sitting and moving.

What should I consider before purchasing a ride on bike?

Before selecting the bright red motorbike that your child has been begging for, it’s important to consider factors such as weight, portability and manoeuvrability. How heavy is your potential toy and how often will you be forced to lug it around town and your local parks? It’s also useful to remember some toys will be less suitable for outdoor use and rough terrain.

Another thing you should remember is that when it comes to purchasing a ride on vehicle for your child, the one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to work. A 5-year-old is likely to quickly grow bored of a toy designed for a toddler. You’ll also have to comply with age and weight guidelines, to ensure your toddler can play safely with a toy that appeals to them. It’s important to evaluate if the vehicle is a good physical fit for your child - such as checking if their legs are able to touch the ground and that they don’t exceed the weight limit.

However, the range of ride on toys available to purchase is extensive and therefore you’re bound to find a toy that meets your needs.

Which ride on bikes are available?

If you’re searching for a ride on bike for your child, you’ll probably discover you’re spoilt for choice! However, it’s important to find an option that’s age appropriate for your child.


Tricycles are another great option when searching for a ride on toy for your toddler. Particularly suitable for younger children who might not be able to use an electric ride on car yet, the push-along element of many of these vehicles creates a prime opportunity for exercise.

Some tricycle vehicles are multi-functional and can also be used as baby strollers. A great example of this is the 3-in-1 Tricycle, available at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz. With pedals, footrests and a comfortable seat coupled with a protective wind cover, your little one can explore the outdoors at their own pace.

Electric riding vehicles

For children of a slightly older age range, why not invest in an electric bike? At Ride On Carz 4 Kidz, you’ll find products that feature:

  • Key button ignition
  • Start-up sound effects for when you turn the item on
  • Stabilisers to give stability for younger riders
  • Working front and rear lights
  • External charging socket
  • Forward and reverse gears
  • High and low speed control switch
  • Volume Controls
  • Pre-set Music and Stories
  • USB socket so you can listen to your favourite tunes that you have downloaded onto a memory stick
  • Aux Socket and lead
  • Battery metre

We even often customised number plates - no squabbling over toys when your child has a bike of their very own!

Here’s just a few of the exciting bikes we stock:

Our Official licensed BMW S1000RR Electric Ride On Motorcycle is the perfect choice for any little thrillseekers out there. Available in a range of classic colours, this new model is ensured to be a big hit with our young BMW model lovers. Appropriate for kids up to 5 years old, this bike features leather seating, headlights and taillights and a logo - so your child will feel like they’re driving the real thing!

To capture your child’s imagination, you could alternatively invest in our BMW R1200 Police Electric Ride On Motorcycle. Fulfil your little one’s fantasy by allowing them to be a police officer as they whizz around on this pint-sized motorcycle. Able to accommodate children up to 6 years old or 2 smaller children, this ride on bike will leave kids entertained for hours.

If you want to mimic the feeling of a real bike even further, why not opt for the Sabex X Electric Monkey Bike with stabilisers. Ideal for any little daredevils out there, this bike takes excitement to a whole new level! Featuring a high and low-speed setting, the Sabex X Electric Monkey Bike is a smooth, quiet, entirely pollution-free designed for outdoor fun, offering a rear disc bracket and new twist throttle that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of a life sized motorbike. Fitted with chopper-style padded seats and alloy wheels, this electric monkey bike with stabilisers is available in a range of colours.

A bike that will ensure your kid rides in style is the Licensed Aprilia Tuono V4 12V Kids Electric Ride On Motorbike. This motorbike is the ultimate adrenaline machine and will keep your kids occupied for hours. Make this the birthday present your child will remember for years to come!

Another stylish option is the Vespa Kids Ride - available in a range of colours, from the style of the working front light and rear view mirrors to the iconic body shape this scooter is just as cool as a real Vespa and just as much fun to ride.

If you’re seeking a bike fit for a little adventurer, we stock the all new 800W 36V Mini dirt bike from Neo Outlaw. This powerful mini dirt bike is perfect for off road use and is virtually silent compared to the noisy petrol versions. With front rear discs able to stop the vehicle safely, this bike also comes with 3 speed settings so as parents you can set the speed with the key, start off on the low speed setting and adjust as your child gets comfortable riding it to the higher speeds.

Quad bikes

We also stock a variety of quad bikes for children. The BDM 12v Electric Ride On Quad is a great choice for any little adrenaline seekers - with an mp3 music stereo system, working lights, suspension and a parental remote control, you can rest assured that your child will be having fun safely. Or you could even opt for the Electric Ride On Saber X 48v ATV Kids Electric Ride on Quad Bike - a faster option that can tackle all terrains and is the perfect choice for older kids.

Find a ride on toy for your child today

If you’re searching for the perfect ride on bike, Ride On Carz 4 Kidz can help. We’re dedicated to making sure your little one finds the toy of their dreams. Our showroom boasts over 50 cars on display you can try before you buy. From buggies, jeeps and tractors to garden play toys, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today to discover our amazing collections and find the best toy for your child.

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