Ride on police bikes and Bentley Toy Cars: Exciting toy ideas for your little ones

Ride on police bikes and Bentley Toy Cars: Exciting toy ideas for your little ones

Kids toys have grown increasingly exciting over the years, and ride on cars are all the rage right now. Our range of ride-on cars is huge, meaning you’ve got a world of choice when it comes to finding the right way to amaze your little one.

Carry on reading to find a breakdown of our huge range, and a list of our best sellers to help you narrow down your choice!

Benefits of Ride-On-Cars

There are a bunch of reasons to invest in a ride-on car for your child!

Firstly, although they are sitting down in their mini vehicles, it is still promoting them to do physical activity and get outside! It’s a great way to encourage your toddlers to steer, getting in a good little arm workout while they get their fresh air.

Promoting fine and gross motor skills is another reason why ride-on cars can be beneficial. Whole body and smaller movements can help your children to move all their muscle groups, and target smaller muscle groups.

It will definitely be useful to their spatial awareness, teaching them how to move in and around different spaces in certain environments. And, as they start getting to grips with cruising around, they will learn how to not bump into so much furniture!

Last but not least, it can be a huge confidence booster for kids to be in control of their very own moving vehicle! It gives them the opportunity to make decisions and this greater freedom can help inspire a sense of independence and improve their self-esteem.

A few things to bear in mind when shopping for the perfect mini vehicle for your mini.

Things to consider for your Children’s ride on cars

Age appropriate

It’s important to look into what vehicles are in your child’s age category. Make you sure you carefully explore options that are safe for your child. On the whole, we suggest that for children 3 and under you should opt for a pushable, non-electric car. They should be supervised and assisted at all times. This is ultimately for safety reasons, as our child may lack the coordination and reflexes to safely navigate an electric car just yet. That doesn’t mean they have to go without any fun though! You can take a look at our non-electric and push friendly options here. And if you want to explore any of our non vehicle range, you can explore our hot tub range and garden toys.

Most electric cars in our showroom are designed for children in the 3 yrs-8 yrs age range. You can check each product description individually to get more specific information on making the right choice. Not only is age a factor, but, weight capacity and speed settings of each car will factor into the one you finally choose.

Where is my ride-on going to be used?

A lot of people will simply be using their ride-on in the comfort of their own gardens. However, older children might be embarking on new adventures by taking their cars to slightly bigger areas such as the park. With this in mind, each vehicle has different features that you will want to consider, such as adaptable tyres and dazzling LED headlights. So, be careful to look at each vehicle in depth to establish which features will be the most beneficial to you and your kids!


While there are many things to consider when picking out your ride-on-car, you will notice a different voltage on each of the vehicles, usually 24v, 12v or lower. This indicates the power of your car, and will give you a better idea of how many children your vehicle can hold. Not only this, but voltage reflects the speed at which your car will be able to go too. 12v tends to reach about 5 miles per hour and 24v will reach up to 7.5 miles per hour.

Be sure to consider this, and you can use our filter options on our website to help find the right fit for your ride-on.

Electric Ride-On-Cars by Brand

If your child already has their dream car in mind, we offer a range of different brands which you can find here, that should allow you to get something with the wow-factor for your little one!

  • Lamborghini
  • Jaguar
  • Mercedes
  • Bentley
  • Audi
  • Land Rover
  • BMW
  • Volkswagen
  • Ford Mustang

These come in a range of options too. Including single-seat, multi-passenger, buggies, push along cars, tractors and jeeps. No worries if you’re feeling overwhelmed by our range, we’ve hand picked our top 5 vehicles to help you carefully narrow down your options!

Our top 5 vehicle choices

Licensed Mercedes G Wagon - 24v

A mini version of Mercedes’ world famous G wagon, this ride-on comes in at £389.95

The bright red colour is super eye-catching, and bound to thrill your kids! Not only this, but the G Wagon comes with dazzling LED lights to illuminate surroundings. This car is 24 volt battery powered and has brilliant leather seats making it easier to wipe down and clean.

If you’re interested in getting the G-Wagon, make sure you check out the other features here before buying!

Licensed Bentley Supersport - 12v

This super cute metallic pink Bentley toy car is ideal for 1 child up to 5 or 6, or 2 children around 3 years old. It’s a 12 volt battery which will give you a usage duration of up to an hour!

This option has a parental bluetooth remote control function, to keep younger children that extra bit safe. To look into the distinct metallic pink Bentley in more detail.

Licensed Range Rover Evoque - 12v

This miniature of the classic Range Rover evoque comes in a brilliant white or a super cute pink. It’s a great idea for a present or birthday.

The 12v powered ride-on has an abundance of amazing features, and comes at an unmatched price of £249.95, which is great value for money.

These are manufactured by Range Rover themselves, to maintain authenticity and attention to detail, making them a high quality option!

Licensed Audi R8 Facelift - 12v

The Audi R8 Spyder mini is now available as a licensed ride on car! Meaning you can now add a personalised late to this miniature sports car.

The R8 comes in a pink, white and electric blue model, which you can also upgrade to an MP4 version! They are ideal for one child up to 3 or 4 years of age. And, this option also has a parental remote control feature for added safety.

Coming in at under £200, this Audi R8 option is a great gift for your little one!

Ride-on Police Bike

You may be in the market for a vehicle that isn't a car! If this is the care, we have a range of buggies, bikes and tractors available for you to browse. One of our more exciting options is our BMW R1200 Police ride-on-motorcycle!

This electric motorcycle is perfect for a slightly older age range, we recommend 1 child up to 6 years of age or 2 smaller children. The usage time is up to an hour with this 12v model, and you can opt for either a white or silver version. The entertaining police sign and additional light on the back is sure to make your little one feel amused and authoritative.

Please note:

Please bear in mind that all of our ride-on-cars come with a free personalised number plate, to make your vehicle extra special for your children! You can add this on our website, simply type in the personalisation you would like on the plate and away we go.

Also note that our ride-on-cars come flat packed as standard. If you would like your delivery to be assembled, there is an additional assembly charge of £25.

What we offer

Here at Ride on Carz 4 Kidz, our car showroom and toy shop are here to make your little ones happy. We have a huge range of things to offer, from hot tubs to our extensive range of cars. Our catalogue also has a range of non-vehicle and garden toys that might be of interest to you or your child. You can shop by both brand and by price to find something that is the best fit for you.

You can pop down to our showroom to get a first hand look at our great selection of vehicle options, or you can peruse our extensive online catalogue from the comfort of your home!

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