5 Summer Party Ideas: Inflatable Swimming Pools and more!

5 Summer Party Ideas: Inflatable Swimming Pools and more!

Cold as it may be at the moment, summer is slowly on its way. And as the cold, dark nights become long, warm evenings, you might be thinking about the events coming up in the sunny season. Whether it's to celebrate a birthday or another special occasion, garden parties can be a summer tradition for many families and friends, as well as a special time for children and adults alike.

But for any successful children’s summer garden party, you’ll need a lot more than simply having a garden. There are many activities, ideas, and themes to explore - the possibilities are endless.  Read on to discover some creative summer garden party ideas for your children and tips on how to make them a reality.

#1 BBQ Garden Party

The archetypal summer garden party staple, BBQs are a fun and tasty occasion for all. There are a wide variety of dishes you can cook with a BBQ, from burgers and hotdogs to seafood and vegetables.

This means that you can enjoy many different food types at the party and have a full array of food available, perhaps combining a few different cuisines from around the world. Vegetarian and vegan options are also now available from most, if not all, supermarkets - keeping the BBQ inclusive and delicious for all.

A BBQ garden party is a great way for both adults and children to socialise in the pleasant outdoors, as well as a fun way for children to be educated about food and the different types of cuisine around the world. They also are easy to organise and it is much simpler to cook for a large group of people than traditional kitchen meals.

#2 Pool Party

Inflatable swimming pools or plastic swimming pools make for excellent garden play toys that can be incredibly entertaining for children. Inflatable swimming pools are especially easy to set up and can combine with other activities on this list, providing an enjoyable time all around for the children.

For a summer garden party, inflatable or plastic swimming pools instantly evoke a distinctive summery feeling, allowing people to cool down on extremely warm days. An inflatable swimming pool works will provide a memorable paddling experience for partygoers and is a garden play tool that can truly enhance the occasion.

After getting an inflatable swimming pool, get some inflatable toys that can float about in the water, pool decorations, and a speaker for music. This makes a pool party pop with excitement for the partygoers, who can play a variety of games in the pool such as Marco Polo or volleyball.. The pool party with inflatable swimming pools can then be combined with a BBQ to provide some light, tasty post-swim light snacks for the partygoers.

#3 Obstacle Course

With garden play toys, you can make your garden into an obstacle course for an adventure-themed children’s summer garden party. An obstacle course is a great activity which can be a creative and exciting event for all. Making it collaborative and team-based will also help children learn essential skills in communication and cooperation.

Whilst an obstacle course might sound complicated to construct in your garden, you can use children’s outdoor toys to make it a unique and interesting event. For example, if you already have a playground set or slide, this can easily become part of the obstacle course. This is the same for an inflatable swimming pool, which can make for a good “water section” of the obstacle course.

Cones, ladders, and chairs can also be effective markers for the obstacle course, which can have sections devoted to running between points. Combined with inflatable swimming pools, the obstacle course is a fun experience with healthy competition - an pleasant way for children to keep fit through a creative form of exercise.

#4 Dart Gun Fight

Children’s outdoor toys such as dart guns with foam bullets (or block bullets for early teenagers) can make for a chaotic but supremely exciting garden party. The game can be a part of the above obstacle course, perhaps with a section on shooting practice, where children have to aim and hit a certain target to win.

Having children make up their own games facilitated by garden play toys such as dart guns will undoubtedly entertain them, whilst being good to allow them to use their imagination and inner creativity. The garden can be decorated with other children’s outdoor toys such as slides and plastic swimming pools to help make the dart gun games more dynamic for the partygoers.

If you think the games should have more structure, you can always organise everyone into teams and have a battle, maybe with the teams having to defend a certain object, such as a specific garden play toy. But, equally, simply facilitating a dart gun game with good decorations can allow children to come up with their own ideas and use their own imaginations in a creative way.

#4 Grand Prix

Electric riding vehicles are one of the most impressive children’s outdoor toys available on the market, giving youngsters a safe and healthy taste of the driving experience. These can be used in multiple ways for a fantastic summer garden event that will truly wow the partygoers.

For any children who are fans of cars or motor racing, you can use electric riding vehicles and other garden play tools to establish a car racing Grand Prix experience - in your garden. With cones or other markers, you can mark out a basic track, and then have the children race against each other for a certain amount of time.

There is a staggering range of electric riding vehicles available online and is a great children’s outdoor toy that can come in many shapes and sizes. For example, out of the hundreds of stock available at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz, you can get electric riding vehicles licensed by Range Rover, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Audi, and more. Not only that, but these electric riding vehicles aren’t just cars; there are ride-on trucks, motorbikes, and even tractors available at competitive prices.

This range of electric riding vehicles can make the garden party Grand Prix experience incredibly exciting for all. It can inform and educate your children on not only the driving basics but good sportsmanship and resilience.

If you have a too large number of partygoers for every guest to have an electric riding vehicle, you can have the children take it in turns or, if you have a stopwatch to hand, you can even try a “Time Trial” event. This involves each partygoer trying to set the fastest time around the track.

You could structure the event by giving each partygoer ten laps to race around, recording their fastest time, and then having the fastest time win. The winner could receive a garden play toy as a prize to reward their skilled racing with the electric riding vehicle!

#5 Outdoor Arcade

A nice added touch to a children’s summer garden party is some good arcade games you can play outside. Ping pong, pool, or table football can make for a fun additional activity for all - a dynamic example of “gaming”, but that’s outside and away from computers, phones, and TV screens.

With table football especially, children can work together in teams to play the game. Educating them about the basics of football, teamwork, and sportsmanship, an outdoor arcade game will be an excellent addition to a BBQ or inflatable swimming pool party.

Having some instruments can also add an extra element of creativity to the outdoor arcade games, as a drum set or keyboard with a microphone make for fun activities partygoers can enjoy. These instruments can improve children’s rhythm and coordination, as well as concentration, patience, and hearing.

Having children actually play music together can also further their sense of teamwork and collaboration, and makes for an undeniably enjoyable summer garden party experience that adds to the outdoor arcade concept.

What Next?

If you’re intrigued by any of the summer garden party ideas mentioned in this article, Ride On Carz 4 Kidz can help. We sell inflatable swimming pools, plastic swimming pools, children’s outdoor toys, and garden play toys, as well as a range of electric riding vehicles. The products available at Ride On Carz 4 Kidz can make a children’s summer garden party, whether that be a birthday party or other celebration, a truly special occasion that will be remembered for years to come.

You can see our vast collection of electric riding vehicles and other children’s outdoor toys online. Or, if you want to contact us, give us a call at 01138240433 where you can speak to a friendly member of our team.

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